Trade between Poland and the UAE

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Trade between Poland and the UAE

  • The United Arab Emirates is a key political and economic partner for Poland in the Middle East region.
  • In January-August 2021, there was an upward trend in Polish-Iraqi trade turnover. Their value amounted to USD 560.4 million (a 16% increase compared to the eight months of 2020.
  • In January-August 2021, Polish exports amounted to USD 430.6 million (up 8.5%), while imports amounted to USD 129.8 million (up 49%).
  • The commodity structure of imports from the UAE is dominated by the supply of metallurgical aluminium, which remained the main item in our imports (56.2% of total imports).
  • The second largest commodity group is plastics at 21%. followed by mechanical, electrical (for sound recording and reception), and optical equipment at 11.7%. Other important commodity groups are products of vegetable origin, textile materials and products, and products made of stone, plaster and cement

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