Trade between Poland and South Korea

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Trade between Poland and South Korea

  • Trade in goods with the Republic of Korea is loss-making.
  • The main reason for this situation is the significant imports generated by Korean investors who carry out manufacturing activities in our country and then export to European markets. This is particularly true in the high-tech and machinery and equipment sectors. The Republic of Korea remains a market little explored by Polish entrepreneurs, who primarily seek sales opportunities on European markets.  It should be noted that from the entry into force of the EU-Republic of Korea FTA until the ban on Polish pork imports, Polish exports grew faster than imports. However, from 1.02.2022, it is possible to export to South Korea and the list of countries allowed to export to the South Korean market is published on the website of the Korean Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency (APQA) at the following link:
  • Electro-machinery products are dominant in trade with the Republic of Korea, with a 39% share of exports and 70.5% of imports (2019). Among this group of goods, mechanical and electrical machinery and equipment and their parts and accessories are the most important (31% share in exports and 57% in imports).

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