SWOT analysis of the Polish beef market

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SWOT analysis of the Polish beef market (1)


  • high potential for beef and veal livestock production (cattle population that can be used to switch to suckler cows, good feed base);
  • modern machinery in meat plants;
  • an upward trend in the number of suckler cows;
  • meeting the highest standards (e.g. hygiene, veterinary) on the EU market and in third countries;
  • to bring the production of processed beef in line with EU (e.g. veterinary) standards;
  • low export share of unprocessed products (e.g. livestock)


  • low domestic demand (negligible demand for culinary beef);
  • high fragmentation of beef livestock farming;
  • Relatively little experience in the production of livestock from beef cattle (low population of beef cattle);
  • fragmentation of slaughterhouses and processing plants;
  • large number of live animal brokers;
  • lack of a recognisable brand on the domestic and foreign markets;
  • low profitability of the meat industry;
  • lack of tradition in setting up producer groups;
  • underdeveloped beef quality systems;
  • climatic conditions – no possibility of year-round grassland grazing

E Bak-Filipek, Uwarunkowania rozwoju rynku wołowiny w Polsce, SGGW Publishing House, Warsaw 2021.

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